Gold Medal Game Live Reaction AKA Watch My Mental Health Free Fall

This blog follows my emotions from the third period until the end of the Gold medal game. Good luck.

It’s currently the 3rd period and I am having a heart attack.

Overview of the game: The US took a 2-0 lead early thanks to Alex Carpenter. Then in the second period the Canadians got even. Now it’s the third period, things are tied 2-2 and I am sweaty.

The US had all the momentum in the first. They took control quick and facing a team like Canada that is exactly what they needed. They slipped up in the second and lost that control but thanks to the fantastic Nicole Hensley, the US kept the game 2-2.

Into the 3rd, the US started on a powerplay, couldn’t get anything going for a bit. They just couldn’t get shots on net and it took another PP for them to get one off. This period just kept going back and forth between zones, penalties, shots. It is electric. I am living and dying with every single shot.

This shot right here, it probably stopped my heart:

I need to throw up just watching it.

But now. It is time for Overtime. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen but alas we’re back. As scared as I am, I am ready for this. The US has a chance to grab the Six-pete right now in OT and I think we can do it. They have found success their last 3 OT Gold medal games so they know what they’re headed into. I’m ready for this intermission to end and for us to get this game on with.

I forgot the last time I felt this alive.

Nope fuck it. I’m dead again.

I’ll admit that goal was sick but it was anti-climatic that they just kept playing for another minute.

Silver isnt bad, I’m still proud of my team. They’re still my All-Star team and wanna know what I’ll take the other 8 golds we’ve won with the Olympic as well. We had a historical run with Hilary Knight setting so many records. So many of our players were young kids who were just getting their taste of the national stage. As a group I think they did amazing, they just ran out of gas at the worst times.

I’m proud of the run we had and I’m being slightly less petty towards Canada. I’m only holding a travel ban with them through the end of the year so from now until December 31st Canadiens can kick rocks. We’re gonna take your asses down at the Olympics.

At least this gets me ready for the Flyers and Canucks seasons.

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Featured Image:  USA Hockey

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