US and Canada Will Face Off In The IIHF’s 2021 WWC Gold Medal Game And I Am Going To Wear My American Flag Suit All Day For This

This is it. The game we have all been waiting for. The 2021 IIHF Women’s World Championships Gold Medal game.

By this time tomorrow night we will know who is the victor of this championships and it will either be the Unites States of America or Canada. And you bet your sweet ass I’m taking the US to win it all. The American flag suit will be on, the USA jersey will be under it, and I will have a few beers to cheer on my team while probably listening to Toby Keith.

The US beat Finland again in a 3-0 game today while Canada shutout Switzerland 4-0. Both of those wins have advanced them to the Gold medal game in a fight for the winner of North America. As I said last time these two played, the gameplay is going to be phenomenal, it’s going to be physical, but oh boy am I sweating already.

The US and Canada have played one another one time already in this tournament. Canada took a solid 5-1 W but this time I think the US is going to win. The US has 1 loss (Canada) and I think they’ll have learned from that game for this next match up. That loss was like losing to the Soviets before the Olympics back in 1980, we needed to lose once to learn how to win this next one. I still believe that the US is the better team. Not only that but we have the six-pete on the line, we’ve had players set record multiple times in these games, I like where we’re heading.

Don’t care if the Canadiens beat us last game, this is a new 60 minutes with the gold medal on the line. I will be cheering my lungs out tomorrow for this team. Hilary Knight, Kendall Coyne, and Brianna Decker are going to show up big for us with their cast of talented player behind them. I have full faith in us to win this game. Now I’m going to leave you with the best damn chant in the country:

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