It’s Almost September And Hockey Is In The Air

I can’t believe August is already ending but that does mean something good: NHL Hockey is so close to being back.

And the first sign of that is Development camps. It’s a time for some of the younger players to get out there with their coaches just to dust off the cobwebs, get them feedback of what to work on before training camp and the season begin. This is different than rookie camp which will start next month but regardless, this is the first sign that the season is almost back.

The Flyers are the first group of players I’ve seen out there so far. Their group so far has been Morgan Frost, Wade Allison, Cam York, Tanner Laczynski, and many others. There’s various levels of NHL experience there but they are all gunning for some NHL ice time this season. This is a great way to get some of those guys back from injury ready for training camp, have them familiar with the rinks and other young guys. It’ll be a grueling next few days bit it will for sure be worth it in the end.

The Flyers made a lot of moves this offseason to do better than last year. They started off great but then had a full scale collapse and spiraled. Everyone involved (front office, players, coaches, fans) is looking to avoid that again. There is still time before training camp and preseason where we will have to fully assess this team’s future but for one, I’m happy to see the kids out there getting ready.

It’s like when the leaves start turning red for fall, it’s a sign that a fresh, new NHL season is so close to being here.

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