US Steamrolls Japan In Quarterfinals, Knight Sets ANOTHER Record

Even in the darkest of times, USA Hockey has my back.

The US absolutely flattened Team Japan today in the quarterfinal, winning with a final score of 10-2. The US shook off their tough defeat at the hands of Canada and got right back on the horse.

By the end of the first period, the US was up 5-2. They had points come from 8 different players in the line up before the first 20 was even over AND Hilary Knight scored a goal which tied her up with Cammi Granato for the All-Time Points leader at the WWC.

Then into the second, the US scored 2 more goals to put themselves at a 7-2 lead. With that Hilary Knight assisted on Brianna Decker‘s goal 5 minutes into the period so that gave her the title of All-Time Points Leader at the WWC. I knew Knight would hit it in this tournament so no shock that she has finally done it. Hilary Knight is a phenomenal player and I am so proud of her.

Caroline Harvey was the second goal scorer of the period and that was her first goal with the USWNT.

Then the US kept their energy up for the 3rd and scored 3 goals to finish this game off. Hilary Knight had another goal along with Grace Zumwinkle and Dani Cameranesi. As I said this game finished up with a 10-2 final and the US is moving on.

The US really is a step above a lot of other teams here. They outshot Japan 61-12, they had 9 players have a multi-point performance. They’re just elite. We don’t know who they will play in the next round because there are a few more games to play but the US will play again on Monday the 30th. Whoever we play, I still have strong faith in this US team. I’m also excited to watch because I haven’t been able to while I’ve been in New York. For the final games my ass with be parked in front of my TV, screaming at the top of my lungs. I can’t wait.

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Featured Image:  USA Hockey

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