Hurricanes Decide To Be Very Petty And I Can’t Say I’m Mad

The Carolina Hurricanes are being petty and I’m living for it.

In case you forgot, the Habs offer sheet’d Sebastian Aho when he was RFA and now the Hurricanes are getting revenge. The Hurricanes sent an offer sheet for Jesperi Kotkaniemi, a 21-year-old center. The offer is 1-year, $6,100,015 with a $20 signing bonus. I am currently in LaGuardia Airport cackling.

Some people are complaining about this ruining the integrity of the sacred offer sheet but wanna know what? I think this is flat out funny. The hockey world has been quiet lately and I needed a laugh today. I’m all for this.

The $20 comes from Aho wearing number 20 for the Canes and that extra $15 on the AAV has got to be because that’s Kotkaniemi’s number in Montreal. The Canes even tweeted out the news in french as an extra troll on the Canadiens.

As it says above if the Habs match it, the Canes get some draft picks out of this. Regardless if it’s matched or not, both teams are fucked cap wise for now. The Hurricanes would be $1,523,598 over cap if Montreal doesn’t match the sheet. The Canadiens would be $8,376,385 over the cap if they do match it. Maybe the Canes have a trade in the works to clear that mil and a half. The Habs could mess around with LTIR, especially with Weber probably being out this season but they’ll still be having cap trouble.

Anywho I needed this laugh and I am excited to see how the Habs respond. If they do match the offer and sign Kotkaniemi I hope the signing bonus is $21. I’ll leave you with this very funny vision I had.

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