It’s Bagel Boi’s Birthday, Let’s Celly

Bring on the bagels, we’re celebrating Hagel.

It’s Brandon Hagel‘s 23rd birthday and that calls for celebration. I absolutely loved Hagel in his rookie season in Chicago and I am delighted that we get him for another 3 years. I also cannot believe he is a year older than me. I always feel like I look like a little child and he looks like a proper Adult(tm). (also Sup)

Now without further ado, I present some quality content Brandon Hagel clips. Number 1:

Now it wouldn’t be a hockey birthday highlight blog without the beautiful goals and assist:

You already KNOW I had to put this video in. My boy beating the wheels off a guy I can’t stand? That’s my MF hero.

Happy birthday, Bagel Boi, I’m very excited for the next 3 years.

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Featured Image:
(No seriously dude, Sup)

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