US Falls To Canada In 5-1 Game

Told ya I was worried. Canada, the US’s only real worry at WWC, took a 5-1 victory in today’s duel. I said in my last blog about these two that Canada was the only team that really worried me at these events and this is why. They’re the only real threat the US has had to face this tournament.

The US had kept the back of their own net empty all tournament so far and as soon as that first Canadian puck went in, I knew we were in for a long one. They weren’t used to playing someone right at their level. I wish the US and Canada had played a prelim game because this could have been a different ball game.

Regardless, it happened. We lost to Canada but we just have to dust ourselves off and move on. On Saturday, the US will play Japan in the quarterfinals. The US and Japan haven’t played one another yet but I am expecting a high scoring W for the US once more. Today was a wake up call, this isn’t going to be a cake walk. This isn’t going to be easy. We’re playing for a Gold Medal. It’s go time. Now let’s reset and get ready for Saturday.

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Featured Image: USA Hockey

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