Guess What This Ones About?

You think you, dear reader, are sick of my Hozier shit? I still live with my family, just got a new laptop that is 200% louder than my old one, and I’ve been listening to Hozier and my lone Celine Dion song on loop for like 2 weeks.

I never liked live music videos. You hear fans screaming and it sounds like shit. BUT the Mahogany music videos with Hozier songs. Hooooly shit these are my jams.

From Eden?? Feeling like he’s right in your ears?? Sign me up.

Then we have Cherry Wine. Can you hear me cry?? Listen to this NOW. Cherry Wine in and of itself is great BUT his raw voice boosts it to the moon.

This is the only live music I wanna hear. I love this version of music. I could listen to this Irish God sing until I’m in the grave (and I will) so you should to, babes.

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Featured Image: Edward Cooke

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