Team USA Sets 2 Records But Now It’s Time To Move Onto Canada

Dear reader, behold. A gif of the great Hilary Knight, new All-Time leading goal scorer of the Women’s World Championships. In my last blog I said she was going to do this no problem and would you look at that, she’s done it. Today Knight scored her 45th goal ever in the Women’s World Championships and it earned her the title of All-Time leading goal scorer at the IIHF’s Women’s World Championships. Not just in the US, not just this year, All-Time (capitalized) across the PLANET.

She’s number one baby!

Wanna know whats better than setting one record on a goal? Setting two. Brianna Decker assisted on Knight’s goal and collected her 39th assist ever at the WWC. That officially puts her as the US leader in assists at the WWC. Decker has got 6 gold medals at the WWC and 1 silver. She’s another one of those players that has been key to the US’s success.

Jesse Compher, Abbey Murphy, and Britta Curl all collected their first goals with the US Women’s National Team in this 6-0 win over Russia. The two other goals came from Lee Stecklein and Kelly Pannek – two players who are used to scoring in these games.

This record setting, unstoppable US team will take on the Canada Thursday evening and this is the only team that has made me sweat. The Canadians have been real good so far, beating every team soundly. It means that this game is going to be electric but so stressful. Both teams are 3-0 through their first 3 games. But the US hasn’t allowed a single goal while Canada has allowed 4. On the flip side the US has scored 12 goals while Canada has scored 15. These teams basically collide together to form the PWHPA with some NCAA players mixed in so no shit both of these teams are absolutely stacked. I still think the US can take the upper hand and pull this game out. I will be so very on edge come Thursday but I’m ready for it. Let’s kick some maple leafs ass! GO USA GO!

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Featured Image: Photo via AP

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