This Is The Real Reason I Bought A New Laptop

At the end of July, I splurged on a brand new MacBook Pro with all the money I saved from freelance and my internship. It’s a pricey item to buy in one go but I kept telling myself it would be well worth it. It would be faster than the older-than-God desktop I was working from, it would have great graphics and sound, I could use Adobe Character Animator. It would be great.

Here is the real reason. Those fantastic graphics, 16″ display, and loud speakers were absolutely made for this video:

I completely forgot about this specific video for a few weeks and re-watching it on this laptop was the closest thing I’ve had to a religious experience since my communion.

Harry Styles singing Medicine on my old Chromebook – hot.

Harry Styles singing Medicine on my phone – sexy.

Harry Styles singing Medicine on this computer – [redacted and bonk’d]

I’d sell what’s left of my soul to get this song recorded in a studio and a video shot in 4K. It could just be him on the stage doing exactly this (with the same shirt. Shirt is crucial) but without the screaming in the back or shaky camera work and my deal with the Devil would be totally worth it.

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