This Week’s Motivation: Hozier

I said in a blog last week at some point (fuck if I remember) that I was having a rough week and oh boy it did not get better. Therefore we are heading into this new week with some new energy.

This week we are letting shit go and living like we’re in a Hozier song. All flowery language that sometimes confuses me but has that edgy dark undertone. We will speak in metaphors, maybe give some nature metaphors, let’s spice things up. Just ya know the feeling you get from a Hozier song? Yeah, I’m living in that from now on.

So I am here on my soapbox telling you to dive head first into this week with the Hozier album – the one literally titled Hozier. It came out back in 2014 but every song on it is phenomenal. I have spent all weekend listening exclusively to this album and there is no skippable song on it.

Personally, my song of this week will be “In the Woods Somewhere”. It is officially fall in my books so the creepy story and dramatic music is the kind of angst I need now. Give me the creepy creature in the woods, the heart-like drum strikes – that’s the energy I want out of this week.

I want plot lines from “Teen Wolf” not the daunting tasks of being an adult. So this week we will be werewolf hunting instead of paying bills. Do I have a wedding and then a week of working in NYC? Yes. I will still be scouring the woods for supernatural activity and you should too. Have fun, besties.

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