I’m Having A Rough Week So Here’s A List of Things That Ruin My Day When I See Them

The Cubs are garbage, the Hawks’ organization is a dumpster fire and embarrassment, and I can’t catch a break. I’ve had a rough week and even though I usually pride myself on being optimistic about my sports teams (and life in general), I’m not doing that today. I am putting on sweatpants and wallowing in my anger. So without further ado join me for:

Things That Ruin My Day When I See Them

To start, the 2010 Vancouver Olympic’s Men’s Ice Hockey Gold Medal Game. Guess who won? Canada. Not the US. To add onto that burn the full game is on YouTube but when I tried to link it, the owner apparently doesn’t let it be shared on other sites. 🙃 Great.

So instead here’s Sid’s goal that stabbed us all in the heart. From 16 different broadcasts.

I hate myself for putting this one because I throw up in my mouth every time I see it.

I’m a die hard Stars fan, seeing my boys go out like that hurt more than 95% of the physical pain I’ve endured in life. I didn’t watch this video because I’d get too angry but I’d be a liar if I didn’t put it… moving on.

Self explanatory. Just gonna cry into my box of “Rizzo’s” cereal.

This one doesn’t make me sad, it just grosses me out in a weird way I don’t know how to explain. Like that one episode of Spongebob where he’s training Gary for a race but then pushes him to hard and Gary’s eyes explode during the race. I get this weirdly uncomfortable feeling from that episode, this video, and GarbagePal kids. All three give me this weird feeling I don’t like therefore this video had to be on this list.

This isn’t a sports video but —

This speech: great message but the way Capaldi acts it out just annoys the hell out of me. I never made it this far into Doctor Who so I don’t know if he is supposed to be taking 700 breaths randomly but since I noticed him doing that, it will not stop pissing me off. This clip randomly comes up in videos I watch and it bugs me so much. WHY IS HE BREATHING SO MUCH?! Specifically from 3:05-3:15, great visual acting but !!!Stop inhaling so hard every 2 words!!

And I’ll close this one out with a movie that has literally ruined an entire word for me. I wrote about “The Revival” (2018) the day after I watched it so you can read me scream in depth here. But this movie literally ruined the word “revive” for me. When I hear it, I think of this movie, and I get so ungodly angry that my day just gets worse. It was setting up to have a great ending and then it burned everything I loved. No pun intended.

That’s all I got for now folks. I’ve had a very long week and it felt cathartic to be a little pessimistic for once. I hope you’ve enjoyed my yelling. Now I’m going to write some of that book I promised I’d get published by 23 and you can get back to the regularly scheduled programing:

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