ASU Is Dropping Some New Jerseys Tomorrow And You Already Know They’re Gonna Be Sick

The Sun Devils will be getting some new sweaters tomorrow and you already know they’re gonna be sick. Arizona State dropped 2 little promos earlier tonight announcing the jerseys:

Arizona has a thing for dope uni’s. Their colours could make anything look good, in the past most of their jersey designs have looked really good. There was not much to improve upon, IMO, compared to last season’s but nonetheless, I am still super excited to see what they’ve come up with.

Alts 2018 Via
2020 Via: ASU

I think no matter what, they’re gonna be dope, they haven’t missed yet. Now Arizona is going to need to step up their game play to match the awesome jerseys. Last year, the club went 7-16-3. They had just 68 goals for and 106 against. There were a lot of improvements to make for their team on the ice but it was a weird season so maybe some normalcy will help them out. Their 2021-22 season begins at home (something they couldn’t do last year) against UMASS Lowell on October 2nd.

Once again, these jerseys are going to be dope. But they will not outranks Michigan’s jerseys in my mind. Can outdo those so good luck, ASU.

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Featured Image: Greg Powers's Twitter

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