We’re Getting 3 More Hart-Filled Seasons, Flyer Fans

Cahtah Haht is keeping it in Philly. The soon-to-be 23-year-old goaltender signed an extension with the Philadelphia Flyers earlier today. His new contract kicks in this year and runs until 2023-24, it carries a $3,979,000 cap hit. Like I said above: Death. Taxes. And Hockey players hiding their jersey number somewhere in their AAV. The only constants in life.

Not to mention we get to listen to Kevin Hayes yell “Carter Hart” like RA for the next 3 seasons. Love to see it.

Hart had a bit of a rough go last season. Since becoming a regular NHL goalie he hasn’t played in a normal season but this last one seemed to hit the hardest. Hart at one point talked a bit about some of those mental struggles he was dealing with and how he wasn’t feeling like himself. Once again, the kid is just 22, he’s had a weird career path so far, and quarantine takes a hard toll on the brain.

Now with a fresh, new season, a new contract, and after some time away focusing on his game, I think Hart will be good to go. He didn’t do horrible last season. He finished with a 9-11-5 record, a 3.67 GAA, and .877 SV%. Not the best but considering how the rest of the Flyers were playing, ya gotta cut the kid some slack. He can’t be Superman every day.

I think the Flyers will have a better season and let’s just pray they keep their heads about them. They’ve made a lot of changes and we have about 2 more months until we see this roster in action for camp. Anywho, I am excited to have Carter back so let’s check out some highlights.

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Featured Image:  Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

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