Today Was Sidney Crosby’s Birthday So Let’s Enjoy Some Sid Clips

The most superstitious man on the planet turned 34 years old today. That’s right, Sidney Crosby celebrated another birthday on 8/7. I was so joyously reminded of his birthday by the fact that my Athletic subscription renewed right before midnight last night. I originally got it to read an article about Sid that dropped on his birthday two years ago. Now every August 7th I am reminded of the birth of Sid by $60 being taken from my bank account.

Anywho, let’s celebrate one of the best damn hockey players to ever live. With 1,039 NHL games under his belt, Sidney Crosby has 1,325 regular season points (486G 839A) with an additional 174 playoff games with 191 points (69G (nice) 122A). In all those games spread over 16 seasons, we have watched Crosby become one of the most prolific players to every step on the ice. He has won 3 Stanley Cups, 3 Pearson trophies, 2 Art Rosses, 2 Rocket Richards, 2 Conn Smyths, 2 Hart trophies, 1 Messier, and was an 8 time All-Star. He’s an inspiring guy not only as a player but as a human person. He gives back to his community and he has had to battle back so many times from countless injuries. Crosby really is an inspiration and one of my favorite players to have ever played the game.

Now we could also go into what I mentioned earlier – how he is probably the most superstitious man on the planet. I mean the guy was born on 8/7/87 and he wears 87, no shit he’s superstitious. Shoutout to Alyssa Hope on this compilation of Sid talking about his superstitions:

Or of course we can sit here and watch highlight reel after highlight reel of Sid just embarrassing every player in the league. Such as this delightful video:

Trust me that would be a fun time all around. BUT homeboy is much more than his hockey. He’s a very private guy but anyone who really knows him just talks about how funny of a guy he is. I personally love his Spittin Chiclets interview because you really see his personality come out. He’s not the hockey robot people talk him up to be, he’s a cool normal dude who just happens to be an absolute beast at ice hockey.

So happy birthday Sid the Kid. I can’t wait for another season of highlight reel goals.

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