In A Shocking Turn Of Events, Flower Is Here To Stay

Hand up, I did not think this was going to happen. After getting traded here on the July 27th, I thought Marc-Andre Fleury would for sure be trying to find a way back to Pittsburgh. I didn’t even let myself get my hopes up about him staying here. That’s why when Barstool Chief said the other day that Marc-Andre was staying, I didn’t let myself believe it. I didn’t want to risk the heartbreak.

Alas what did I wake up to this afternoon? Flower is staying right here in Chicago for the season.

That’s right, folks. Last year’s Vezina winner will be playing right here in Chicago next season and I cannot wait.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this 3-time Stanley Cup Champion, at 36-years-old, has spent 17 NHL seasons between 2 (now 3) teams. He has played in 883 regular season games with a record of 492-276-82 record. A career average GAA of 2.55 and a save percentage of .913. Not only did Marc-Andre win the Vezina last season but he helped Vegas win the Jennings trophy and he was an All-Star.

As for the playoffs, Fleury has seen 162 games with a 90-70-0 record. He has a career playoff average of 2.53G AA and .912 SV%. Once again he won 3 Cups, all with the Pittsburgh Penguins, but he came very close to winning a 4th in his 4 years in Vegas. He was a stonewall for his team time and time again, I cannot wait to see what he brings in Chicago.

I am so excited to have him on this team. He’s a leader on and off the ice, he’ll be great in net, and he’s a funny son of a bitch. He is my 11-year-old brother’s favorite player because of all the pranks he pulled over the years. I’ll have to get the kid an updated Chicago shirtsey as soon as they hit the shop.

Flower also dropped this little video on the Hawk’s Twitter announcing he’s staying.

We have about 2ish months to the start of the season and it will be wild to see this guy in red. Of course, here’s some of his top highlights.

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