Summer Is Officially Over In My Book

I hate summer. Call me a grinch, I don’t care, I just hate it.

The Sun is always out and in my eyes, it’s a bajillion degrees, and it’s usually humid. I cannot stand it. Add in that the NHL and MLB deadline is also during the summer months and it makes for my least favorite season.

Therefore, I’m done with it. Summer is over, we are moving right onto fall. The weather is perfect. It’s not too cold, you just need a sweater and some jeans. You can have the windows and doors open and you don’t have to really worry about flies getting in. You can go for a nice walk with a warm coffee. It is literally the most perfect season. Not to mention, you get the Halloween vibes going and it’s spectacular.

So as of today, July 31st, 2021, I am officially declaring Summer donezo. Bring on the farmer’s markets and soft sweaters, get the fuck out of here with the tropical drinks and bathing suits. I’m ready to gain 20lbs and lay in bed slightly cold with a Dunkin coffee.

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