Golden Knights Shockingly Ship Fleury To Chicago

Talk about a weird start to the day.

Chicago traded forward Mikael Hakkarainen for Vegas’ star goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. Yeah, not exactly a equal trade there.

Fleury, known great guy and kick ass goaltender, found out via Twitter about this trade as an extra kick in the dick from that organization. What is going on here? Well no one really knows. Flower has made it abundantly clear that he would have liked to stay in Vegas. He was killer this season, played 36 games with a 26-10-0 record, a .928 SV%, and 1.98 GAA also had 1 assist. But that doesn’t fix the weird relationship between him and the Golden Knights’ organization.

Things between Fleury and Vegas haven’t been good, there was the sword debacle earlier this year and now, they’ve uprooted him with 0 fuckin warning or say in the matter. If I had any thought that he’d stay here in Chicago, I’d be celebrating. BUT, I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in hell he’s staying here. He had made it clear that he doesn’t want to move his family to a new city all over again. Trust me, I get that. Especially when the kids are a little older and so is Flower. So I think his time as a “Chicago Blackhawk” will be extremely short lived.

However, I am fully on board with the Hawks flipping him back home to Pittsburgh. That’s where his family and career started. I don’t think he should retire yet, he’s still got some gas in the tank. Plus, if the Hawks could flip him for maybe Tristan Jarry who has 2 more seasons at a $3.5M cap hit, I wouldn’t be mad. Trust me, I know he didn’t have the best showing this year and playoffs but to get him for Flower instead of nothing would be great. He can’t be worse than what we’re dealing with here.

I hope Flower gets to go back to Pittsburgh. He’s such a great guy and he got played so fucking dirty by Vegas, he deserves to be happy. The Hawks can’t do shit in free agency tomorrow until Flower decides what he’s going to do so let’s just hope he makes a choice quickly.

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Featured Image: Jeff Bottari/NHLI via Getty Images

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