Who Is Ready For Expansion Draft Chaos? It Has Already Begun

‘Twas the night before the expansion draft and all through Hockey Twitter, everyone was losing their God damn mind.

Tomorrow at 7PM CT, the hockey world is going to have a major shift as we go through yet another expansion draft. This time, the newly brought in Seattle Kraken will have their pick of the unprotected litter across 30 NHL teams (Vegas is exempt because whatever). The draft hasn’t even happened yet and life is already a shit show.

To start, there is an allegedly leaked video of the Kraken selecting Alexander Kerfoot from the Maple Leafs that has been all over Twitter.

No one knows if it’s real or if they had the people in it do a list of names just depending on who they pick, the Kraken went that second route to defend the video. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they did take Kerfoot, the kid is good and he would be a great base player for the team but regardless, the video has caused a stir before the draft even began.

Then you add in all the talk of Carey Price maybe getting picked up by Seattle. I, personally, think they’re going to. After watching what Vegas did with picking up Marc-Andre Fleury and building a team around him, they’d be sitting pretty if they had a goalie like Price to build around.

Anyway, I’ve been saying it for weeks (a bitch has been very busy) but I am still going to go through the handy, dandy Cap Friendly Expansion Draft Simulator to see if I’m right about who will get picked from each team. I’ll be posting that mock draft early tomorrow morning and feel free to clown on me when I inevitably fuck up. July 21st shall be a day of absolute chaos for hockey Twitter. Bromances will be shredded, teams will lose their best players, and I shall be sitting back cackling because I am dead inside. Just kidding, I said Sunday that I’d never drink again but depending on how tomorrow goes, I might have a glass of whisky in my hand by 7:30PM.

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Featured Image:  Elaine Thompson, AP

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