My Top 3 Things To Do When Hungover

I am so hungover. I wouldn’t care about feeling like shit or not being able to focus but the absolute worst things about being hungover for me is that I nearly pass out every time I stand up. Therefore, I have been laying around like a bum all day. I also cannot focus enough to try and get into the Seattle expansion draft so here are the top 3 things to do when hungover.

3. Disassociate while watching the news

I never watch the news, it’s just better not to. But there is nothing better then completely zoning out with the dolce sounds of Pat Tomasulo being sarcastic while talking about Chicago sports. You don’t really have to follow the news but it is a good way to remind yourself of what day it is while regretting everything that happened the night before.

2. Eat the most disgusting, greasy food on the face on the planet.

I owe McDonalds my life. I got myself a Happy Meal (got the Yosemite Sam toy, nbd) and a shit ton of extra fries. They even kindly threw in a free vanilla shake, perhaps my boy Jonas (local McD’s worker) felt a disturbance in the force and threw in the shake. Overall, the best way to not completely die is to get some food you’ll hate yourself for later in the good ol digestive track.

  1. Melt into the floor and regret every decision you’ve ever made.

That’s Tyson Barrie but I laid in the exact same position for about 40 minutes earlier today. That was my only solace, just quietly waiting to melt into the floor. This is my favorite activity of the day. No thoughts, just the cold hard ground. I also took a solid 45 minute nap on the bathroom floor, absolutely delightful.

I can’t put enough words together to even talk about sports today (still sad about this trade) but tomorrow, I’ll be revived. As I said I am never drinking again but come Wednesday night, the night of the expansion draft, I have a feeling I’ll go back on that statement.

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