The Roster Freeze Is In Effect And Here Is The One Trade I Want To Talk About

I completely forgot that the Expansion Draft freeze was going into effect today and ohhh boy was that a brutal awakening at 2PM. (Shut up, I slept in).

There is one specific, three team trade I would like to talk about. As you may know if you’ve been around for a while, I am a Nolan Patrick fan. I don’t know why but much like Alex Galchenyuk, I refuse to give up on Patrick. No matter what. And today he was flipped over to the Vegas Golden Knights after a 3-team trade between Vegas, Nashville, and Philadelphia.

First, the Flyers traded Nolan Patrick and Philippe Myers to the Nashville Predators for Ryan Ellis. Then Nashville sent Nolan to the Vegas Golden Knights for Cody Glass.

Vegas is exempt from the Expansion draft sadly, so unless Vegas sends him out after that, he’ll be there start of next season. I, personally, don’t like Vegas, so if they send him out, I won’t be sad. I think Patrick still has a lot of potential. He spent a year away from the game and never got to get his legs beneath him. I still think he can get to that competitive NHL level but it may take time. Send him to the AHL for a bit and let him get his legs, much like the Maple Leafs did this year with Galchenyuk.

I’m still hell bent on a Nolan Patrick Revenge Tour, it just might take longer. That was the stunning trade of the day for me but after the Expansion draft happens, I feel like there will be more.

The NHL teams had to submit their protection lists today for the Seattle Expansion Draft so check those out here but mark my words, Nolan Patrick will kick ass in the future. I’m not giving up on him.

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Featured Image: YONG KIM / Staff Photographer

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