Gally Is Just Having The Worst Day

No one is having a worse day than Brendan Gallagher. As if yesterday didn’t hurt like hell for the Canadien’s Brendan Gallagher, the winger came home from losing the Stanley Cup in Tampa to find out that his house had been robbed. He hasn’t really given any details to what was taken or what went down but homeboy took to TikTok with this video breaking the news earlier today.

What a way to announce the worst day ever. Just the red text, with a spelling mistake or two, over his face as he’s eating. This man is going through it. Less then 24 hours ago his team lost the Stanley Cup and now someone has gone into his house and taken his shit. It’s gotta be even worse that he probably just got off said flight from Tampa and he had to find that. I feel terrible for the guy. Gally is my favorite Canadiens player and it sucked to see him lose the Cup yesterday with his teammates (I talked about that here) but God, what a kick in the dick for this to happen too.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from Gally's video above

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