The NHL Season Is Over, Bring On The Chaos

To get burned by the same flame two years in a row has built a deep, deep resentment in me that goes to the bone. Tampa fans, abandon all hope ye who enter here, I don’t like your team and I will continue to be vocal about it. Lightning have won the Cup again in the second weird season in a row. They closed out the series with a 0-1 win over the Montreal Canadiens, not that thrilling of a game sadly.

Sure, Tampa wins the Cup, they were $18 mill over the salary cap and they have won both Cups in weird seasons. But you gotta admit that Montreal was so fuckin interesting this whole run. Literally until the bitter end.

From coming back against the best team in Canada, flipping the whole series while facing elimination. Then sweeping the shit out of Winnipeg like it was nothin. Knocking out the annoying Golden Knights to head all the way to the Stanley Cup Final. After a regular season with a 24-21-11 record, they snuck into playoffs and took it by the reins.

I didn’t want the Habs to win just because I despise Tampa but they had so much heart this whole time, ya can’t help but cheer for them. You look at guys like Shea Weber, Carey Price, Corey Perry, Eric Staal, Brendan Gallagher, Paul Byron, Jeff Petry, and Phillip Danault. They’re all great guys who play their fucking heart out every single night and they deserve to rise that Cup. They’re all names synonymous with hockey because all of the blood, sweat, and tears they pour into this sport. I mean Carey Price put this team on his back, as he has done for many years, for every game. If they had anyone else in net, the Habs would have lost to the Leafs. Here’s a moment between Shea and Carey that will stick out to me forever:

Even the kids like Cole Caufield, Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Nick Suzuki, and Artturi Lehkonen — they were all killer in the playoffs. Nick Suzuki was something else out there, he had 16 points in the 22 games, 7 goals and 9 assists. He lead the team in points in the end.

Overall, what a season for Montreal. I think Carey Price said it perfectly tonight:

It sucks that the hockey season is over but so much is going to change very quickly. We have the Expansion Draft with Seattle, the Entry Draft, Free Agency is looming, and hockey is moving to it’s new home with ESPN and TNT. There is a lot of change coming to the NHL both on and off the ice. Every team in the league is going to be shaken up with the Expansion Draft. I haven’t even looked too deep into that because I’ve been so busy living day to day and now everything is going to shift. With the season concluding tonight though we know the final order of the Entry Draft, check it:

This season has felt like an entire wild fever dream and although it’s the off-season, this league isn’t going to slow down. There are so many trade roomers buzzing right now, the next few days are bound to be electric. I wish I was playing Celebratory Celine and trying to figure out how to stream Game 6 from the woods later this week but alas, my arch nemesis #2 have bested me once more. Congrats to Pat Maroon and Alex Killhorn and them alone. Now here is the Sad Celine.

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Featured Image:  Montreal Canadiens Twitter

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