Day One In NYC And I Have Met A Cowboy Angel

Ladies and gents, I am writing to you live from NYC. It’s my second time in this city and I’ll be hanging around for a bit. Therefore I am prepared for craziness.

However, I was not prepared for the craziness to start before I even got on the plane.

Today was the first time I was on a plane since January 2020. And as to be expected, I was so lost. Despite growing up in Chicago, I had never went to O’Hare airport and oooooh boy was it a time. I was lost, I was overwhelmed. Just me and my favorite cowboy hat against the world. It was then an angel appeared through the crowd.

An old man, probably in his 60’s or 70’s, wearing a white cowboy hat stopped me. He looked like Lloyd Pierce from Yellowstone, just a soft old face covered halfway by a mask. He stepped in front of me and shook my hand.

No words. Nothing else.

I could tell he was smiling but he didn’t say a fucking word. Just shook my hand in cowboy solidarity and moved on. My family says we have faces that people just love to tell their life story to. After my interaction with the angelic cowboy, I got complimented by the lady behind me in line at security. The lady on the plane talked my eat off for 30 minutes about her job and pronouns (she asked for my opinion because I have a trans rights patch on my backpack).

The trip just started and I already have 10 characters to think about. Overall, regardless, off to a hot start. The Ham Fam in NYC is bound to be entertaining so follow along for more.

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