Vegas Ties Series With Habs In Game 4 And I Am Stressed

I was kinda relieved when my teams got eliminated from the playoffs so I could be carefree about who won the Cup. Well look where we are now, I’m emotionally invested so this series is going to be the death of me. Vegas came back in Game 4 to tie up their series with the Canadiens tonight. I said last blog that I was on the Habs’ wagon and now I can’t get off it.

This game started stellar for Montreal. They were quite lively, meanwhile Vegas was not looking great. Facing a team like Vegas is by no means easy but I thought early that Montreal had full control of this one. Lord Paul Byron got the first goal at 18:55 into the second. Nice little breakaway goal to get the lead.

Montreal took that lead into the 3rd. Then, this is where things shifted. Cole Caufield had an amazing chance in the 3rd to get the Habs a 2-0 lead. Robin Lehner stopped him and I think that gave the Knights some confidence. I am also placing blame on Pierre for the Knights comeback because he said, bar none about 10 times, how “Ohh Caufield is going to be looking back on that one if Vegas comes back”. I shit you not he brought it up every chance he got after that and it jinxed them. Kick rocks Pierre, I mute you for a reason.

Because guess what, Vegas did come back. Brayden McNabb tied it at 10:37 in the third. This one needed OT but Nicolas Roy stayed on the puck right in front of Price to score the GWG just 1:18 into OT.

Hard loss for the Habs because they had such good control early on. I wasn’t doubting that Lehner would still be a tough cookie to crack but I thought they really stood a chance there regardless. Game 5 is going to be do or die. Taking control of Vegas at home would be massive for the Habs. If they can take them out on Tuesday, then their chances would be looking great for Thursday’s Game 6. I like that both series we have left are pushing deep, it makes them all the more exciting. But if the Habs could close this one out soon that would be great. I’m not sure if Vegas will go with Lehner or Fleury for Tuesday’s Game 5 at home but regardless, I think this Montreal team still stands a chance. Go Habs Go.

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