The Montreal Canadiens Have The Series Lead

The Montreal Canadiens just pulled off a magical win against the Vegas Golden Knights to take a 2-1 series lead. This game was an absolute roller coaster.

The first period was scoreless but Carey Price stood on his head and then some to keep it that way. The Golden Knights put up 17 shots on goal while the Habs put up just 3. Nicolas Roy opened the scoring with a goal 3:16 into the second. Cole Caufield swooped in just about 40 seconds later to get the game tied 1-1. Classic Cole goal.

The second was another low shot one for Montreal. It was crazy that the game was tied 1-1 after 40 minutes but the Golden Knights had 30 shots while Montreal had just 8. That also should have been an inkling of what was to come in this 3rd period.

Alex Pietrangelo got the Golden Knights the lead just 2:22 into the 3rd. Whoopty do, whatever, a lot of time left. Then the damned thing happened. With 2 minutes left in the game, Marc-Andre Fleury went to play the puck. I wrote a blog when I started Ham Sports about how god damn stressful it is when a goalie goes to play the puck, doesn’t matter if they’re on my team or not. And THIS is a prime example for why. Now watch what happened:

There is no comin back from that. Josh Anderson has had it rough recently, this has been his past few months:

Like I said, rough. So to get that huge goal at a dire time must have been excellent for him. I almost wanted to tweet and said “fuck it if he gets this OT goal, I think Josh Anderson will officially be back.” Well low and behold, who got that OT GWG. That’s right after 12 grueling minutes of OT, Anderson scored an insane goal with the help of Lord Paul Byron to get this Habs team a 2-1 lead in the series.

Watch as Anderson stops an aerial pass, gets it to Byron, and then Byron passes it to Josh to get that sweet, sweet winner.

What a win for Montreal. It’s great to see the rookies getting out there and having Josh Anderson be productive. I am praying that this will help him get back to where he was during the regular season. He was 5th on the team with 24 points (17G 7A) in 52 games.

I won’t go on and bitch about the officiating because we will be here all night. This league is so horse shit at calls, it’s just ridiculous at this point. Ignoring that high stick to Perry was infuriating because if Fleury didn’t fuck up, this could have been a very different ball game. It’s getting to the point where I’m shocked when they do call anything because it is just prison rules out there. I did love Corey Perry coming out to celebrate with the boys after though.

This is a team of underdogs that I just love to root for. They’ve got talent but they’ve got heart too. I was a big Habs fan back when I started Ham Sports but I kinda fell off for a bit. I’m back on the wagon, let’s keep this going and let’s kick Vegas’s ass.

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Featured Image: Montreal Canadiens Twitter

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