I’ll Take That Start

Jeff Petry is back with every blood vessel in his eye popped but he is ready to get his team a win.

After one period, the Montreal Canadiens are leading 2-0 against Vegas in Game 2. The Habs were flimsy in Game 1 but I think adding Jeff Petry back into the mix did wonders to boost their confidence. They really needed Petry out there in Game 1 but he was still recovering from a hand injury he sustained in Game 3 against Winnipeg. After 20 minutes, you can already see the difference. I think Vegas walked into this game feeling confident, thinking they were getting that same team they faced in Game 1. Little did they know how things would shift. The Habs are feelin’ it and I am eating this up.

Not to mention Vegas is also up against Petry’s newly upgraded demon eyes.

Somehow he popped all his blood vessels in his time away. There is not much you can do to fix those so until it clears up, he’s totally gotta take advantage and just glare every Golden Knight into the ground with demon eyes.

I’ve only seen that happen twice. Once when my friend held in all of her sneezes to the point she popped her eye blood vessels. And the second time was when another friend got drilled in the eye with a softball. I don’t think Petry was hit with a puck so maybe allergy season got to him? You gotta let those out, Jeff. Just like emotions, it’s not good to hold that shit in. The only other option is demon possession and it’s that’s the case, I’m calling the Winchesters.

Regardless, love what the Habs are doing right now. Another 40 is left for them to close out but if they keep up this play I’m not too worried. Go Demon Eyes Habs!

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Featured Image:  Montreal Canadiens Twitter

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