A Collaborative Lists Of Drinking Songs and Matching Beverages

There is no hockey today, it’s hotter than hell. Well it’s supposed to rain like a mother in Chicago, otherwise it’s the perfect first day to float in the pool with a couple of cold ones. Regardless, I have collaborated with my dear friends to bring you some songs to listen to while getting obliterated in the pool (which is the plan for after the rain passes). That’s not all, we have provided some drink ideas for each song. But, ya know, do that responsibly, don’t drowned after too many Miller Lites.

Anywho, lets get into it. One, one in my drunk music draft is Up All Night by One Direction. A song that never gets old. It’s poppy, it’s nostalgic. It’s a perfect song for some lemon drop shots, any fruity, some seltzers.

You cannot go wrong with Shots. This is another nostalgic one. Take any and all shots for this one.

I think all these songs will be nostalgic, not gonna lie. There was no party song like Ke$ha back in the day. And still, the love for TiK ToK is still phenomenal. You gotta drink some Jack Daniels, wash your teeth with it.

Another sweet song about being up all night because at 21 who doesn’t wanna drink all night. Mix in some Jager, Vodka sodas, Jack and coke, tequila shots, gin and tonic, or Jameson shots.

Scream and Shout. Britney bitch. Sign me the fuck up. The only thing we can think of Britney chugging is just an entire bottle of straight vodka.

Made for daiquiris and Vegas bombs, Poker Face is a song to just dance to, even if you’re dog shit at it.

Me and my buddy Jordan listen to this song all the time. Starboy never gets old. Mix in the Miller Lites here.

Don’t be shocked. I’d die if I didn’t listen to this song at least once a day. Pretend you’re in a music video while lounging on the floaty. Preferably with rum.

And last but not least probably one of the greatest songs ever written. Any drunk 20-something loves this so throw it on randomly in the night and you’ll have the party bumping. Shoutout Barstool Chief.

Those are the songs to enjoy as the summer kicks off. Hopefully the rain stops soon so we can hop into the pool. We can finally all get together and enjoy some drinks so get out and do it. Especially with no hockey happening tonight. No responsibilities on this Saturday so go out and have an evening. Now if you excuse me, I’mma go do shots and listen to Celine with my friends.

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