It Is Time For The Final Four

After Colorado’s elimination from the NHL playoffs last night, we are down to the final four teams. Also with Colorado’s loss, I have no deep love for anyone these teams, only some deep, deep hatred. I am nothing if not brutally honest here so if you’ve been around long you know that one of my top arch nemesis in life are the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Lightning will face the New York Islanders starting Sunday at 2PM. This series is going to be a spectral. The Lightning are, well the Lightning. Talented, skilled, equipped with a brick wall in net. And yet, I am still going to give the Islanders a fighting chance. Last year, the Islanders took Tampa to Game 6 so I’d say that can do it again. The Islanders have improved a lot this year so maybe, just maybe, they can throw off Tampa enough to win this series. Also there is no life or timeline where I’d want to see Tampa win so of course I am about to be the biggest Isles fan this series. Like I said, they start Sunday so keep an eye out.

Then on the other side we have the Montreal Canadiens and the Vegas Golden Knights. I am fuuuull team Chaos here. I don’t want Vegas to win but they are another solid team. And yet, the Canadiens have been so steady, you have to give them a fighting chance in this as well. They took down the most impressive Canadian teams this season, who says that they can’t take Vegas in this one. Give me the Habs in 6 and I’ll be happy. They start Monday night at 8PM CT.

Obviously I don’t like Tampa and I’m not fond of Vegas so give me an Islanders vs Canadiens final. The perfect way too end this season would be with an underdog Stanley Cup Final. Sure the stats go the other way but this is my blog and my feelings. Let’s have all out anarchy in the playoffs, I feel like it’s what we all need.

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