Avalanche Fall In 6

Well that’s all she wrote.

Even when the Avalanche fell back 3-2 the other night, I was still feeling confident. I’m not a person to abandon ship at the first sign of trouble, especially not for my teams. Even heading into an elimination game I’m going to say “fuck you, let’s go out and win”. I mean that’s a fair viewpoint, especially after this season. Plenty of teams had come back and won even when down like that so why couldn’t the Avs? And I guess that will be the question that continues, why couldn’t the Avs?

The Avalanche were eliminated from the playoffs tonight in a 6-3 game against Vegas. Vegas came back the last 4 games to flip this series and eliminate the Avalanche. I wanted this Avs team to win the Cup. They have come close time and time again but something always falls apart and they stumble in a little bit too short.

This season will be another one of those almosts.

The Avs did great in the regular season and they kicked ass in the playoffs. But same as always, something flipped and things just shut down. MacKinnon was still producing points but not at that dominant rate from earlier in the year. Same with their top units. The defense made sloppy mistakes that cost huge goals. And as much as it stings to lose them in the playoffs, I’m much happier losing to a team like Vegas than the Blues. Vegas and Colorado were tied neck and neck in the regular season so to lose to a skilled team like Vegas is much better than losing to the bumbling Blues. The past few years, the Avs have steadily been coming closer and closer to a complete team. And I hate to say it because it’s so stupid and cliche but it could be next year. Seattle is going to jumble things up, if the Avs can keep their top guys, maybe some other key pieces will slide into place.

I don’t know. For now it sucks that this team is once again making a second round exit. The guys on this team have heart and I hate to see them fall here once again. They’re, at least to me, a very “heart-on-your-sleeve” group. They win and lose together. That’s how a team should be.

Poor Nate had to handle some dumb ass media after this game. The fact he didn’t snap at one of the media people is the most impressive thing I’ve seen today:

Anyway, I’ll have a full breakdown of this in the coming days. Plenty to look at for this team moving forward but for now, I’m going to stare at my ceiling and hope we don’t lose any big players in the off-season. Maybe I’ll play a Celine here or there for the boys. Also, go Habs.

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Featured Image:  Colorado Avalanche Twitter

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