The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend. Go Islanders

The NHL Playoffs continue to entertain. The New York Islanders closed out the Boston Bruins’ season tonight in a thrilling Game 6. While the Bruins dealt with an injured lineup and constant inconsistency, the Islanders capitalized and took home the W with a 6-2 final.

The Bruins just weren’t themselves in the end and it showed. Their biggest parts of defense were hit hard with injury, their PK was garbo, and Tuukka was not his best. They’ll be heading home while the Islanders gear up to face the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Semi-Finals. This is a rematch from last year’s Bubble Playoff Semi-Finals. At that time, the Islanders fell in 6 to the Lightning. I need them to flip the script.

Last year, Tampa went on and beat my Dallas Stars in the Stanley Cup Final so I’mma need the Islanders to get some revenge for us both on the Lightning. What can I say, I’m a vengeful little goblin with a god complex, sue me. I don’t care how good the Lightning are, I’d like to see them knocked from the playoffs.

Here’s a little side by side of the Lightning and Islanders so far in the playoffs:

I think the Islanders’ biggest problem will be Vasilevskiy. The Islanders have great depth but it’s been hard to crack Vasilevskiy this year. Even the usually high scoring Hurricanes couldn’t get shit past him. If they can do that, shake up his system of being a stone wall, that’s a great start. That’s just step one. It’ll be a tough series but I’ll be cheering the Islanders on the whole way. We don’t know yet when it will start but whenever it does, it’ll be an intense series.

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Featured Image:  New York Islanders Twitter

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