Inject OT Playoff Hockey Into My Veins

Hockey needed some extra time to finish up tonight and I am faaaar from complaining. The Rat King and a Staal brother saved their respective teams with some sick GWGs in overtime tonight. First, Brad Marchand saved Boston from a trailing series against the Islanders with a snipe in overtime. He hits that spot dead on all the way from the boards, check it out:

Marchy is golden when he wants to be and that’s proven there. Charlie McAvoy shoved the pass to him and Brad sends it home. Boston takes a 2-1 lead in the series with that. Their next game will be Saturday night and oh boy is that one going to be a doosey!

Then, over in Florida, the Hurricanes got their first win in their series against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Canes and Lightning both scored 2 goals in the second period and that was all until OT. Sebastian Aho, who already had a goal and an assist in the game, had a sick shot on the power play. That deflected off Jordan Staal’s stick and ended in the back of the net to end it.

Aho is another one of those underrated snipers. He’ll get down, do the work, and score some sick goals. I want Carolina to pull this series out so the first win is a big one. Let them come back big and we’ll have ourselves a show. Carolina and Tampa play their 4th game on Saturday afternoon.

Can’t ever complain about some free hockey. Tomorrow we’ll get some more intense hockey with Montreal/Winnipeg and Colorado/Vegas and is wither of those go to OT, I’ll be far from complaining. Playoff hockey is the god damn best and I’ll be taking as much as I can get. Even if I have a heart attack during OT. Worth it.

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