Big Canadian Showdown Starts Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, the battle for Canada begins. Round 2 north of the boarder is getting it’s start at 6:30PM CT on Wednesday night. The Canadians just majorly upset the Toronto Maple Leafs last night (which I screamed about here) and the Jets have been laying back for since they swept the Oilers back on Monday, May 24th. The Jets had to wait a whole week for the Habs as they stretched Toronto out of playoffs so Winnipeg will either have fresh as hell legs or they’re be a bit rusted out there.

Personally, I’m full onto Team Chaos here– taking the Montreal Canadians. Although the Jets are a good team, I just think Montreal has that drive and simple playing style to get themselves through this one. Plus, I love a good underdog when they’re not playing a team I like. So go nuts, Habs. Give me like 50 more Brendan Gallagher and Corey Perry goals though.

With this series starting that means that Round 2 of the NHL playoffs are officially in full swing. Down south in the US, we have the Avalanche and Golden Knights playing their Game 2 after Montreal and Winnipeg tomorrow night. I am full board on the Avs’ wagon for the Cup. I think they’ll take out Vegas no problem. Once again, talked about that Game 1 here if you want to know more. The Avs are undefeated in the playoffs so far, if they lose a game or two before push this out to Round 3, that’s fine by me.

Then, there is Boston and the New York Islanders. This series is bananas. Not only do you have those sick livestreams coming out of Borrelli’s for every game but the play on the ice is phenomenal. Their series is tied up 1-1 right now and they’ll play Game 3 on Thursday June 3rd at 6:30PM CT. Although this could go either way, the Bruins haven’t led me astray yet so I’ll take them.

Lastly, there is the Lightning and Hurricanes. If you know me you know I cannot stand the Lightning, don’t care how good they are. Currently, Tampa has a 2-0 lead in the series after they just beat Carolina 2-1 again tonight. I hope the Canes have an insane comeback to kick the Lightning on their ass.

We’ve seen amazing playoff hockey so far. So many teams that were set to dominate fell, there’s unexpected heroes and great goaltending. This is what playoff hockey is all about. It’s the epic highs and lows. That edge of your seats feeling every night. After waiting almost a year to have this feeling back in our lives, it’s so relieving to just watch. The Bubble was no where close to this. It didn’t feel like real playoffs. But this. The booming crowds, everyone celebrating together — this is what being a sports fan is all about.

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Featured Image:  Winnipeg Jets' Twitter

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