Avalanche Take Game 1 In What Is Going To Be An Intense Series

Avs put a clinic on the Golden Knights for Game 1. The Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights know each other well, they’ve played one anther a time or two but never in a playoff series. Just from Game 1, it’s going to be an intense series.

Obviously, we have the 7-1 final score up on the board. The Avs offense, as they always do, smothered the Golden Knights. They started with 2 goals in the first period. One from Mikko Rantanen at 4:55 and the other from Gabe Landeskog at 10:13. They stepped on the gas in the second though. Brandon Saad got one 1:04 in, then Nate MacKinnon got his seventh of the playoffs. Gabe snagged is second of the game 10 minutes after Nate’s goal. Just a few seconds after that, the Golden Knights broke the shutout with their lone goal. Fear not, Nate on a breakaway scored his second of the game. Check that one out:

The Avs would get one more goal from Cale Makar in the final frame, during that 9 minute power play, to put this score at 7-1. No shock the Avs came out and ploooowed through the Golden Knights. It’s what they do best. But that is not the only reason this series is going to be a shitshow.

In the 2nd period, Ryan Graves had a hit on Vegas’s Mattias Janmark that caused a big stir up throughout this game. The hit happened (Graves hit him high and late), some scuffles and roughing ensued. Janmark left the game, Graves was sent to the box. But the Golden Knights did not let go of that hit moving forward, they were on Graves all night. I understand wanting stand up for a teammate that was hurt but Ryan Reeves took that shit way to far in the 3rd period. Reeves went after Graves after the whistle for the earlier hit and Reeves ended up kneeling on his head and holding him down on the ice. I’m not going to post that video here but if you really wanna see it, it’s probably on Twitter. It’s one thing to stand up for a teammate, but it’s another thing to do shit like that almost a whole period after the initial hit happened. Reeves got tossed with a match penalty for “intent to injure” and he’s facing a suspension, rightfully so. Because of the subsequent toss and double roughing penalties to Reeves, the Avalanche ended up on a 9 minute power play in the third period.

This series is going to be a bloodbath. The Golden Knights play like sore losers and I bet that’s not going to stop soon. I used to not really care for them but now, I got beef. Let’s have the Avs run through them if they’re going to play like that. Light them up on the score sheet every night and let’s take them out in 4, just like St. Louis. The Avs are 5-0 in playoffs, they’re outscoring opponents 27-8, they’re an all-star team. I pump their tires every day and rightfully so. Let’s keep that rolling all the way to the Cup. Their next game is Wednesday June 2nd at 9PM CT. It will be a must-watch. Go Avs Go.

Here’s all the goal highlights:

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Featured Image:  Colorado Avalanche Twitter

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