Round 2 Starts Saturday Night

As Round 1 of the playoffs is quickly pulling to a close, the NHL has announced the start dates for Round 2. Let me tell you that Saturday night, for Game 1 of the Boston Bruins vs the New York Islanders, the doors are going to be blown off TD Garden

Before we jump into Boston, let’s rewind to the West Division first. The Colorado Avalanche and whoever they’re going to face in Round 2. That won’t be decided until Game 7 goes down between the Vegas Golden Knights and Minnesota Wild on Friday Night. The Golden Knights were leading that series 3-1 but the Wild came back and forced a Game 7. Personally, I want the Wild to close this one out. That would be a bananas story and I think they’ve got all the momentum to actually do it. Regardless of who wins that Game 7, the victor won’t have any time to rest as Game 1 of Round 2 happens at 7PM CT. The Avalanche have had 6 days of rest between these two series so I think they’ll come out swinging.

Now, as for the Saturday night throw down between the Bruins and Islanders — Boston is going to explode. It will be a packed barn at TD Garden and I think this rivalry had built to a fever pitch. Both of these teams play intense, physical hockey out there so there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll see some hands thrown before the end of Game 1. I’m hyped for this series. It will be entertaining from start to finish but I think I’m going to take the Bruins in 6. The Islanders battled hard with the Penguins but Boston is a completely different ball game.

This weekend will be jam packed with kickass hockey. We have Game 7 on Friday night (go Wild), then Game 1 from Boston on Saturday, and we’ll close it all out with the Avs and their match. It’s a great weekend to be a hockey fan, baby!

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