RIP To The Florida Panthers (Season)

Rest in peace Florida Panthers. They’re not dead, they just got eliminated by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I had hoped, after a heroic comeback in Game 5 that we’d see a confident Panthers’ team take Game 6 and push this to Game 7 but alas. The Lightning ended the Panthers’ season with a 4-0 shutout tonight. As sad as I am that Tampa won (kick rocks Tampa), I’m even more sad that this series is over. It was entertaining as hell, you have to admit that it was a stellar series. That Game 1 that went down to the final minutes, then the OT thriller of Game 3. It was the definition of Playoff Hockey.

I think the Panthers also held their own well against the reigning Stanley Cup Champions. If they had faced maybe the Preds, I think they could have won it. They’ll be a team to keep an eye on next season for sure. For now, RIP Panthers, you were the only reason I liked the state of Florida again. They’re now my enemy once more.

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Featured Image: Florida Panthers Twitter

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