Leafs Take Some Nylander Confidence Into Game 4

The Leafs are feeling that Willy Styles confidence tonight.

In the middle frame of Game 4 against Montreal, the Leafs scored some absolutely beautiful goals that are a must watch. First up we have Mr. William Nylander who has got to be the most cool-as-a-cucumber guy on the roster. Just yesterday, someone asked Willy where he got his confidence from to which Willy said “Born that way” and boy does it show. Willy is a cool out there so when he scoops that stellar pass from Alex Galchenyuk, he knows exactly what to do. Batta bing, battah boom, the Leafs are up 1-0 and Nylander has 4 goals in the first 4 games.

Next up there was another beautiful assist from Alex Galchenyuk to Jason Spezza this time. Spezza picks it up like it’s nothing and shoves it home. Personally, I’ve been a fan of Galchenyuk’s for years so to see him kicking ass in Toronto has been awesome. He had a mistake last game but he really turned it around this game. Watch the passes he had to Willy and Spezza:

Any time Alex Galchenyuk kicks ass, it makes my day.

Jason Spezza linked up with Joe Thornton to twist a little dagger in the Habs just 2 minutes after Spezza’s goal. One of the big reasons I want the Leafs to win the Cup is because of these two. Both guys who have paid their dues to the league and come so close. The fact that they’re still connecting for killer goals just shows how skilled and legendary they are.

That was all the goals for the second period but in the third, who else would it be to close out the game than an empty net goal from Alex Galchenyuk baby. Chucky had the empty netter and ended his night with 3 points on the sheet. It was an incredible game for the Leafs across the board and a great way to take the lead in this series.

The deciding game will be on Saturday, May 29th. I think the Leafs are going to take this one, no problem there. They’ve outscored the Habs with 13 goals for to just 3 goals against. For once, I believe in the Leafs to make it past Round One.

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