Bruins Take Game 3 In Double OT!

That’s 2, babes. Talk about a nail bitter.

This Bruins vs Capitals game, and stop me if I sound like a broken record, played out once again like a tennis match. Alex Ovechkin scores his first of the postseason to open the scoring in Period 2. A minute later, Taylor Hall gets the Bruins even. Not long after that, Nic Dowd puts the Caps up 2-1 headed into the third. Then, the rat king himself, Brad Marchand, went in and scored 11:32 into the third to tie the game and sent it to OT.

Ping. Pong. Ping. Pong.

We had a full 20 of OT. Ping, pong. It then took Craig Smith 5 minutes into the second OT to end this game with a Bruins’ W. Sucks to be Samsonov in this minute because you just played a full 80 and it takes a little slowness to the net to end it then you get reamed by your captain. Nevertheless, Bruins win and my hopes are looking up.

The Bruins are now leading the series 2-1 headed into game 4. Fuck it, after this one I say the Bruins do it in 5. Run on this high and keep it going. They’ve got the morale, they just need to clean up some play here and there. Another point with this OT GWG, essentially coming off a mistake by the goalie, they hopefully see that any chance is a great chance. This isn’t playtime, it’s the race to the Cup. You need to take advantage of every single chance you have. Smith taking that advantage will hopefully help some of the other B’s kick the opportunity machine into gear. No matter what happens next game, it is going to be electric. These teams hate each other and they’re hungry for the second round. The next 2 games will be must watch. Game 4 is Friday, May 21st, at 5:30PM CT.

Here’s the full game highlights if you missed it:

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