Team Adidas About To Win The PWHPA’s American Secret Cup This Weekend

First of all “Secret Cup” is a great name. Second of all, Team Adidas will be winning that bad boy on Monday night, mark my words.

This weekend, Team Adidas (Minnesota) and Team WSF (New Hampshire) of the PWHPA will be playing one another for the chance to win the American Secret Cup of the Dream Gap Tour. This will be the 5th and 6 games between the two teams since the Dream Gap Tour started in New York this year. So far, Team Adidas is blowing WSF out of the water with a whopping 8 points in the standings compared to their 2. The PWHPA has a bit of a different way of recording points in the standings so you can check out how that works here.

This series has been read hot between these two. There have been big hits and outstanding goals on both sides. They started in New York in February where Team Adidas took a 3-2 standings lead over the course of the weekend. Their next stop was in Chicago in early March where Team Adidas – once again – kicked ass and added 5 points in the standings through 2 games.

Now, with 2 more scheduled in St. Louis this weekend, I have a good feeling Team Adidas is going to absolutely gas the competition once more. They have ELITE goal scorer Abby Roque – who has become my favorite on the roster (Abby/Abi solidarity). She’s got 10 points (5G 5A) in 4 games so far. You got Annie Pankowski (another fav of mine), Hilary Knight, Kendall Coyne Schofield, Kelly Pannek, Sophia Shaver, Lee Stecklein, Hannah Brandt, Maddie Rooney – the list goes on and on. The entire roster is STACKED. Team WSF has a good line-up too but you cannot pull me away from Adidas. They’re just too damn good. So this weekend, I say Roque puts up another 3 goals, at least, and Team Adidas hoists that sweet, sweet Cup.

Game 1 is on Sunday, May 16th, at 12PM CT. It will be on CBC and the CBC sports app. Then, Monday’s Championship game will be on Monday the 17th at 6PM CT. That one will be on NBCSN and Sportsnet. Make sure you watch, these games are going to be awesome.

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Featured Image: Sarah Stier / Getty Images

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