Hawks Win Over Dallas In First Game With Fans At the UC (+Happy Mother’s Day!)

Tonight was the first night that the Blackhawks were allowed to host fans in the United Center and I was lucky enough to be there to see them win over the Dallas Stars. I am both a Hawks and Stars fan but when at home in the UC, you have to cheer for the Hawks.

There is nothing like being in the UC when the Hawks play. The anthem, the cheering, the videos on the board. It’s fantastic. Especially when you think about how a lot of the rookies playing for the Hawks have never heard the UC at full capacity, BELTING out the anthem. Tonight the UC was no where near full but that anthem was still rocking. Lucky for you, here’s the video:

The game itself was a thrill. In the first period, the Hawks went up 3-1 quick. Of course that first one came as a first NHL goal for MacKenzie Entwistle.

There was a wild one from Brandon Hagel that came off a lucky bounce into the net. Then Alex DeBrincat got his first goal of the game to close that period out for the Hawks. To hear Chelsea Dagger blaring through the stadium was like coming back home after the Odyssey.

The second period was a drag. You could see the cast of youths that was the Hawks line-up began to tire out. There was no real stoppage and the passes weren’t connecting at points. They were tired. My brain was in a bit of a fog in the 2nd because this period dragged on but one thing I do remember is recognizing how lucky I am to be able to see Patrick Kane in his prime with my very own two eyes. To see Kaner floating around the ice on TV is one thing but to see it in real time is astonishing. I am very blessed here.

Into the 3rd period, things heated up again. The Stars got within one just 2 minutes into the period. Very stressful. BUT Alex DeBrincat is nothing if not a savior for the Hawks. He scored his 2nd of the game 16:48 into the period and we just had to kill the final minutes. It was at that point I realized that “oh shit, I’m wearing my favorite Hawks hat and if he scores, I have to chuck it.” I love you Alex but thank you so much for missing that empty netter.

So Hawks win, 4-2, and we get to sing Chelsea Dagger once more in the UC. The Hawks got to skate to the center and do their sick salute – here is a cool pic of that:

Overall, great game, great day I will prefer to go to games like this for the rest of time though because there was no one around me and my mom. We had the whoooole row to ourselves, no one in front or behind us, I’d love to live like that.

As for the Three Stars of the Game, players got to finally skate in front of a crowd. First star went to Kevin Lankinen for his outstanding performance and 37 saves. Kevin also spoke to the crowd after and you can tell how excited he was for fans to be there. Love that guy, love his energy. He comes to win and he works hard. He’ll be solid moving forward.

Second Star was Alex DeBrincat for obvious reasons, love you Alex.

Then for Third Star we had MacKenzie Entwistle who had his first NHL goal. In his post-game, Entwistle said that he talked to his mom earlier in the day and said he would try to get her a goal for Mother’s Day and would you look at that.

Of course the reason I was at tonight’s game was to take my mom, who is the best. She’s put up with a lot of shit and has still let me chase my dreams with this little blog. She deserves the World. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially my own.

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