With 4 Points Tonight, McJesus Has Hit 100 Points In 53 Games

Shouldn’t come as a shock especially when we almost exclusively refer to him as McJesus.

Connor McDavid just picked up his 100th point in just 53 games this season. Connor is the fastest player to 100 points since the 1995-96 season. So far, he has put up 32 goals, 68 assists in 53 games – absolutely bananas. Most NHL players can’t even hit 100 in an 82-game season and he goes out there, puts it up in 53 like it’s nothin’.

His final 4 points to 100 all happened in the first 2 periods of the Oilers’ game against the Canucks. He had a goal in the first period, then 3 assists in the 2nd. He set up two of Leon Draisaitl‘s goals. The first one gave Draisaitl his 500th career NHL point. Connor’s assist on his 2nd goal gave Connor the 100. That tracks, eh? The best part too is how on board with this the Oilers have been. World Hockey Report pointed out how his team pulled for him on their 5 on 3:

You love to see it. Not to mention, that celly is wholesome. I doubt that will be McDavid’s last of the night. I’d set him up for another 2 in the 3rd, just for shits and giggles. The Canucks have put up a fight, the game is 4-3 heading into the final frame so if you’re not watchin’, I’d tune in.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from Brady Trettenero's video

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