The Dream Gap Tour Is Coming to Canada!

The PWHPA Is heading up to the great white north in a few weeks.

That’s right, the Calgary Flames have partnered with the PWHPA and they’re going to host a seven-day event where we will see Team Scotiabank (Calgary), Team Sonnet (Toronto), and Team Bauer (Montreal) fight to be the Canadian Secret Cup champions. There will be a 6 game round robin that leads to the Championship game (7 games in total, hell yeah!). All of this starts May 24th and goes till May 30th. Three games are going to be broadcast on Sportsnet up in Canada but in the coming days we’ll probably hear where they will be broadcast in the US and elsewhere. They’ll air games on May 28th, May 29th, and Mat 30th – all the big games. It doesn’t shock me at all that the Flames have jumped on board to support the PWHPA, they have been on Twitter shouting them out so now it’s just official.

I am so so so excited for this. We haven’t been able to see the Canadian teams because of COVID so I can’t wait to see them all on the ice. Up in Canada, they have some of the most talented players so these games will be absolutely electric. Just take a little gander at the lineups, linked up above on the team names. Plenty of great players and Olympic athletes to cheer on. It’s going to be a must tune-in event. I’ll be updating once we get the official game times so be sure to follow along for more.

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Featured Image: Calgary Flames

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