TJ Oshie Scored An Emotional Hatty Tonight

Today’s Ranger/Capitals game was proof that hockey is all soap operas and no hockey. If you went through and watched, there’s about 10 different stories you can run through. Now we can harp on the Wilson vs Rangers story and the 6 fights in the first 5 minutes but something happened in that game that was more meaningful than any of that.

Yesterday (May 4th), TJ Oshie announced the passing of his father, lovingly known as “Coach Oshie”. TJ had missed the game prior and tonight’s one was his first game back.

Well tonight, TJ Oshie scored a hattrick.

Anyone with a brain knew how important Oshie’s dad was to him, especially after that emotional speech TJ had given literally minutes after they won the Cup. He deserved the hell out of that hatty. After the game, the camera panned over to the Caps bench and there was Nicklas Backstrom hugging Oshie. Here is what Nicke said in his post game:

I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t tearing up now. Losing a parent is hard but he came out strong and put on a hell of a show. He went out there, played his game, and the Caps won that one for Coach.

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Featured Image: Washington Capitals Twitter

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