Alex Newhook Seems To Be NHL Debut Bound

The Colorado Avalanche’s 2019 1st round draft pick looks to be making his NHL debut very soon. 20-year-old center Alex Newhook was just called up to the team’s taxi squad earlier today after having an impressive start with the AHL team, the Colorado Eagles.

This season Newhook has played on 3 teams. He started with his Boston College team where he had 16 points (7G 9A) in 12 games played. Then he went up to the Men’s World Juniors where he helped Canada win the silver with his 6 points (3G 3A) in 6 games played. Lastly, he’s spent time with the AHL Eagles where so far he’s had 9 points (5G 4A) in 8 games. Now, he seems to be staring down the barrel of his NHL debut with the red hot Avalanche.

Newhook is an awesome player and I think he’d fit in well with the Avs. The Avalanche have been dealing with an injury bug as of late so it would be a perfect time to slip in Newhook and see how he works out before this team goes running into playoffs.

The Avalanche play the Sharks tomorrow night so keep your eyes peeled for his name possibly being on the docket. Now I will leave you with the best video from when Newhook was drafted. Get you some friends this supportive:

(Dear Avalanche: Why did you delete the other video of them swarming?! I dug though my twitter bookmarks for 30 minutes and it said the video was deleted. WHY?!)

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Featured Image: Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images

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