Women’s World Championships Are Back On So Let Me Pop On My American Flag Suit And Voice My Thoughts

“In our meeting with the teams, unfortunately we were unable to achieve a full consensus on the dates, with some teams preferring to play in early September and others in late August. But we need to respect as much as possible the start of various women’s leagues around the world, and also recognize the needs of the four teams that must prepare for the Women’s Olympic Qualification tournament in November. I would like to thank the Council, Hockey Canada, and the teams for their input and participation in a decision-making process that was organized on such short notice. We passed an important first milestone by finding the optimal dates to hold this event and now will proceed to the next stage and choose a suitable venue.”

IIHF President René Fasel in the IIHF’s Press Release

Just last week we got hit with the last minute news that the IIHF 2021 Women’s World Championships would ONCE AGAIN be cancelled and possibly pushed back to a new date. I let all of my emotions about that one out right here for your viewing pleasure. Now, earlier today the IIHF has finally announced new new dates for the 2021 Women’s Worlds. They have agreed upon August 20th-31st of 2021. The council also announced they are still looking for the new hosting venues – hinting towards Halifax and Turco being out of the equation moving forward but the Championship will still remain in Canada. All of that official information can be found here.

I’m excited for these games to happen, I have been from the jump but I’m praying to every God I know that no one gets hurt during these games. You always hope for that no one gets hurt in any competition but with the Olympic Qualification tournament happening in November (just under 2 months later), if any team looses a big player to injury, it’s over big time. I’m happy we’re finally getting the Championship (we better or I’ll riot) but it happening this close to the qualifying event for the most important competitions in all of sports worries me.

Regardless, I am nothing if not a hopeless optimist so let me put on my American flag (short-sleeve) suit and my 1980 Team USA jersey with Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White, And Blue” playing in the background and tell all of you about how no matter what the date or the arena may be, the US will still kick all of your asses out there. We got the usual suspects of gold medal winners and dazzling players but we get to mix in some new kids – like my queen Abby Roque and Grace Zumwinkle – and I am fully prepared to cheer them on in any battle to get that gold. Now I will leave you with this beautiful sight —

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Featured Image: Team USA Photo Gallery 

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