Kick Off A Night Of Hockey With A Gordie Howe Hatty

We have plenty of hockey games happening tonight so before they start, let’s kick off the evening with a Gordie Howe hatty. Especially when it’s coming from one of the most entertaining guys in the NHL at the moment.

Yesterday against the Canucks, Mr. Brady Tkachuk served up a lil show for the fans at home.

Brady started the game by fighting Zack MacEwen just 8 minutes into the first period. It was a decent little duster to start the game, got the Sens goin’ on the bench. Then, a minute into the 2nd period, he scooped a nice little assist on Josh Norris‘ goal – the Senator’s 3rd of the game and 2nd of the 2nd period. Lastly, he grabbed the Sens’ 5th goal of the game 16 minutes into the 2nd period – completing the impressive Gordie Howe hat trick.

Personally, I think this kid is fun as hell to watch. He’s a little pest and he scores some decent goals when needed. The Sens don’t play again today but that video should get you pumped for a night full of hockey.

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Featured Image: The Ottawa Sun

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