Andrew Shaw Has Retired So Here Are Some Of My Favorite Shawzy Moments

Earlier Andrew Shaw announced his retirement from the NHL. After 10 NHL seasons, 544 games, 116 goals, 131 assists (247 points) and 2 Stanley Cups, the 29-year-old is stepping back from the game after numerous hard fought battles with concussions.

Shawzy was one of my favorite players growing up and he’s one of the reasons I even love hockey. He was always the goofball that gave all his heart and soul on the ice. I’ll miss him but I’m happy he’s stepping away to be with his family and take care of himself. So to commemorate such a successful career and so many beautiful memories, please enjoy these 10/10 Shawzer moments. Let’s start with his teammates roasting him:

I’ll miss him a lot. I remember exactly where I was sitting in LaSalle Street Station after the Pride Parade in 2019 when we traded for him back. I remember how happy I was to have the scraggly little mutt back on our team. I’m happy he got to retire as a Hawk, wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Now if the NHL does a deal with another station like TNT or somethin, I ask they put Shawzy on and just leave him unfiltered. It would be absolute gold.

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Featured Image: NHL

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