The Josh Fight May Be The Fight of The Century

Yesterday, a hoard of Joshes gathered in a Nebraska park for the legendary Josh Fight – a pool noodle battle with what has to be over 1,000 Joshes. This is one of the best things to happen to the internet.

I all stared last April when this guy Josh Swaine, a student in Arizona, jokingly messaged a bunch of other John Swaines on Facebook and challenged them to a duel for the name.

A whole pandemic passed without anything happening until recently a friend of the OG Josh said he should go for it. And go for it he did. He arranged the date, contacted the other Joshes, and bought a plane tickets to Lincoln, Nebraska – the location of the coordinates. OG Josh said he didn’t expect anyone to really show up but boy was he wrong.

After many daunting battles, Little Josh – a four-year-old boy – was declared winner. He was given a Burger King crown, a little trophy and a moment to speak to the people. Please look at his smile.

He is the one true Josh.

There wasn’t only fights at this event, those who came helped raise money for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Foundation, so far they’ve raised $10,590. They also raised a food drive for the Food Bank of Lincoln. So not only was there a fruitful battle of the Joshes and a spectacular winner, but there was also some good deeds done. It’s been a while since there has been a wholesome internet moment and this one was just perfect.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from Yousef Nasser's video on Twitter

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