Jason Spezza Is The Best. That’s It. That’s The Blog.

Jason Spezza is simply the best.

After 18 NHL seasons, 1,169 NHL games with 351 goals and 612 assists totaling in 963 points, Spezza has remained one of the most respectable people in the league. Recently, up in Toronto, Spezza has encouraged the Maple Leafs to help out some of the AHL Marlies players who have been struggling this year.

This is the kind of guy Jason Spezza has always been. He was a fantastic leader in Dallas and Ottawa before he landed in Toronto so it’s no surprise that his ever-present compassion for others has continued. He’s always thought about how to help others and that’s why he’s just the best. He knows a lot of the AHL guys have had a rough year with the contract cuts and all, and he knows he can do something to help, so he does. Simple as that.

John Tavares spoke about this with press after Leafs’ win tonight. Tavares said they were trying to keep this on the down low but it got out anyway (Thanks Elliotte). Here’s what the captain had to say:

“I have to give Spezz a lot of credit on this one. He kind of brought it to the forefront from the leadership standpoint, and the leadership group thought it was really important. I think we know — society as a whole, but certainly in our game — how tough a year it is for so many. So, within the organization, we wanted to make sure we try to take care of our own.”

John Tavares

The Leafs are a one of a kind organization and it’s because of guys like Spezza, Tavares, or Joe Thornton. They’re looking out for their own and that’s important here. The word that Spezza was leading the charge is not surprising in the least. He’s made to be a captain and a leader. The Leafs have got a strong young core that could use a guiding hand like Spezza to show them the way. He was stellar in Ottawa and Dallas, he’s going to continue doing great things in Toronto.

The world needs more people like Jason Spezza.

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Featured Image:  Jeff Bottari/NHLI via Getty Images

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