They’re Pushing Off The Women’s World Championship Once Again

I’ve been putting this blog off so more information can come out about the decision but I’ve waited long enough. I’m upset.

Two days ago, the IIHF announced that they were cancelling the upcoming 2021 Women’s World Championships in Halifax and Truro due to COVID concerns. The tournament was set to start May 6th after being pushed back once already. There was no warning, no planning, and no second option for the players, staff, and fans who have been anticipating this event.

Although I get the concern with COVID, ya gotta be safe of course. It’s the fact that it’s the women’s tournament once again getting cancelled – out of nowhere – that is complete and utter bullshit. The men’s U-18 tournament is happening in Dallas/Fort Worth right now, earlier this year Edmonton/Red Deer hosted the men’s world juniors in January. The women’s competitions have been cancelled two years in a row.

It’s been two years and for some of these athletes – some of them are the best of their generation – haven’t played in over a year. Not to mention some of them were already in Canada waiting to play and quarantining like they should be. Now all of a sudden they’re packing up and going home? It’s bullshit. Nova Scotia waited until the final moments to cancel this event and the IIHF was so utterly unprepared although they knew the risks heading into it.

Multiple players have spoken out with their feelings of this abrupt cancellation. Team Canada’s Jill Saulnier and Natalie Spooner along with Team USA’s Hilary Knight and Kendall Coyne Schofield have put out some compelling statements since the announce:

I was so excited to see the USA team kick ass once more. I posted this blog a while back about how deadly our roster was and we were just a few days away from playing. It’s completely unfair that the IIHF is ripping these games away from us while they’re still hosting all the men’s tournaments.

They are apparently looking for another date towards summer to re-schedule this event. That’s what they said in March and well look where we are now. I’m sincerely upset that we’re getting screwed over once again.

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